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1:1 mindset coaching

an intimate one on one space for women who desire to create long lasting calm within their mind, body and soul + have their desires become a reality

do you feel like you are constantly hustling to make your dream life a reality but it always just seems out of reach?

are you a woman who has lost herself in motherhood, relationships or career pursuits + craving to reconnect with herself again?

are you feeling run down, tired and like you are spinning the wheels but not getting anywhere?

do you feel overwhelmed by life and fearful of the future?

do you stay awake at night, filled with anxiety and having your nervous system going into overdrive?

are you waiting for something outside of yourself to come and save you?

are you craving more inner calm + to know in your heart of hearts you are always supported?

there was a time i felt that way too

at one point, I felt my life was out of control, overwhelmed, I felt mentally drained, an inner yearning for a bigger life but kept getting push back after push back. then I’d start to feel guilty for wanting more out of life.


from the outside, I always had big smile on my face but inside I felt I was crumbling. like a duck smoothly swimming across the top of water but I was frantically paddling like mad under the water, just trying to keep afloat

then i woke up one day and decided things needed to change.


i needed to make myself a priority

little did I know
there was power in looking inwards

when you take back your power


and align to your inner you

then you attract your desires


once i started looking inwards, healing limiting beliefs + growing my intuition stronger, my outer reality began to transform

healing your relationship with yourself, forgiving yourself, become empowered from within and stepping into  a whole world of opportunities

how you view yourself and what shows up in your world, is a result of what is going on in the internal world. inside your mind, your beliefs + your internal conditions. and what you were taught about who you get to be, do and have. and everything internally can be redefined and re arranged so you can have a new experience externally - the one you choose to create.


so no more holding back. you get to have everything you desire. desires are placed in your heart for a reason- they are destined for you. and often the bigger the desire, the bigger the resistance. thats when past beliefs and patterns of some sort or another can come up to meet you. or you continue to feel like your desire is always feel just out of reach. desires can be anything from material things like attracting your dream home, a new job or business, a relationship or it can be the desires of how you want to show up in the world and how you want to feel like feeling cool, calm and collected, or always feeling an inner support or feeling energised through motherhood. it is also the desire to have more money - when you have more money, you can be, do and have more - more adventures, more savings, more investments, more ways to support you and your family, more wealth creation



you reconnect with your inner power

during the inner you one on one sessions, you are guided through a process of releasing that resistance, letting go of any beliefs or internal conditions that no longer serve you, rewire your mindset to work for you and receive your desires with ease + flow. you will learn tools that you can use, for the rest of your life, to create any desire that you like.

when the session is finished, you feel empowered, physically lighter, excited to take the next step in attracting your desires and have mental clarity to do so



begin to create more flow + ease in your life

the flow package include 

- 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions 

- learn tools you can use daily to support your mindset


tap into your inner power and rise up 

rise package includes:

- 1:1 coaching session weekly for 6 weeks

- tools to support your daily mindset

- voxer support



evolve to your next level and transform your mindset, manifestation power + attract abundant experiences

the evolve package

- 1:1 coaching sessions weekly for 12 weeks

- voxer support

- personalised tools, EFT, meditations to suit your goals



receive money with ease

grow money with ease

spend money with ease

transform your money with ease

the rich package

- 5 x 1:1 coaching sessions

- voxer support

- tools to tranform your money mindset

mindset messaging support for short + sharp mindset tips, tricks and inspirations to support you through out your week

- voxer (both voice and text) 


lets create magic together


begin to create more flow + ease in your life

- 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions 


jump straight in with the one of the packages above or book a complementary discovery call to chat to ash directly or DM directly on socials

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one session goes for one hour online via Zoom. appointment can be done in person at the request directly to Ash via email or directly through DM on social media.

book your first session through the link via Acuity Scheduling and process payment. session time isn't booked, until payment has been received. after first session, Ash will work with you to book the rest of your package sessions. there are options for during the day and after hours. 

the Acuity Scheduling link is here:

the flow package is to be used within 6 weeks of processed payment, with a minimum of 1 week between sessions.

other sessions need to be used in the time frame stated in each package or the sessions will be forfeited

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