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inner you the book coming soon

allow me to take you on a journey…

a journey of deep heart break, knock downs, self sabotage + toxic surroundings through to unwaving grit, crystal clear vision, healing, growth and reclaiming

there was a girl who was a shell of herself and started a journey of rediscovering who she was again.

who wasn’t afraid to look the dark fears + beliefs in the eyes to no longer let it run her life again.

who travel a road less travelled, went against the norm and come out the other side stronger than ever before.

who learnt to love herself again

who found her voice + let it roar

who become more connected to an inner power + strength that we all have inside us that guides us through life.

who took her power back.

who found her inner you

the inner you by ash book is being written right now. it was born a few months back + day by day it becomes more and more a reality and a story of grit, determination, vulnerability and pure love.

one every women needs to have on her book shelf.

life lessons and experiences that have shaped me into the young mother, author, entrepreneur + boss babe I am today, that I pure my heart out into the words written on the page, to help you find your most authentic self. the manifesting queen. the creator. the empower woman. the divine feminine. the powerhouse inside you.

I share my journey on finding myself again, being bold, finding spirituality and peace in my life + beautiful curated guides at the end of each chapter for you to take action and begin your journey inwards. when you allow yourself to go inwards, that is where the magic is.
these guides are things I use through out my life to process feelings, events and limiting beliefs to create a life lived on your terms with love, laughter and light. they are simple and time effective guides, perfect for mummas or busy ladies - I do everything in the most time effective way with maximum results.

I’m so excited to continue sharing this beautiful creation with you all. she is a beauty in her own right and will inspire you with every word you read. I’m proud to take my learnings, turn a dream I once thought would never be a reality + bring this gift to life. just for you


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