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guides + ebooks

for the babe who wants to connect with her inner you right now

manifestation guide

where the inner you creates magic by turning your hearts desires into a reality


tapping into natural cycles

the divine feminine energy is incredibly powerful, with her knowledge forgotten through history

reconnect with the feminine flow in your life by to tapping into your natural root chakra cycle, the Lunar cycle and seasons of life to help support your mind, body and soul. clarity + deeper understanding of your own inner feminine energy will help you honour the ebbs + flows of life, creating calmness, acceptance + self love like never before

coming soon

journal guide

have you ever wanted to start journalling? no idea where to start? or wondered what all the fuss is about with journalling + free writing? or use journalling to create a safe place to connect with inner wisdom aka your inner you

this is where you begin your journalling journey


lunar cycle magic

did you know lunar energy effects everything around you?

just notice how powerful the moon is - it controls the tide of the ocean

as humans, our body is made up of 80% water and is influenced by the beautiful lunar cycles

learn all about her power + tapping into new moon and full moon rituals for not only self care and manifestation practises but also to connect you with mother nature, no matter where you are


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