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inner + outer beauty


true beauty is radiating from within + taking care of the temple we live in, from the inside out


mind, body, skin + soul

true beauty radiates from within

going back to my hairdresser roots, there is nothing more beautiful than the transformation a woman takes when she enters a hair + beauty salon to when she leaves. 

she fills her cup up by taking extra loving care of her outer self + walks out radiating from within

there is not a woman walking the streets who doesn't feel more confident, more self love, more herself than when she takes special care of herself - it radiates

this means self care can be different things from one woman to another eg. a hair salon, a gym session, a meditation session, a walk in nature, or a simple quiet bath at home. 

everything is all connected and once you dive into the mind + body connection to gut health + hormone health, its like suddenly, it all starts to make sense. that taking care of ourselves on the inside (nourishing our bodies, supporting our hormones + supporting our mind) and also taking care of our largest organ on the outside, our skin, is all connected.

what shows up on the outside, is often an indicator of what is happening on the inside

so what does true inner + outer beauty mean?

it means taking that extra special care of ourselves + using products that support your over all health + wellbeing on the inside + out. 

this starts with the outside with skincare, cosmetics + personal care products and also taking care of your inner health, like gut health, hormone health + nutrition


outer beauty

did you know your skin is your largest organ and it takes less than 30 seconds for it to absorb something from the outside of your skin, into your body stream?

inner beauty

the most important part - inner health. what is showing up on the outside, is an indicator of whats happening on the inside.

eg. when your skin is looking dull + dry, your body is usually dehyrated so it's time to drink more water

this is just a start. 


inner outer beauty 101









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