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allow me to introduce myself to you ....

hi there, my name is ash!

I'm the founder + creator of inner you. I'm also a mumma of four little queens, a wife to my high school sweet heart, hairdresser and a business owner in the health + wellness space which is really where my journey into finding and reconnecting with my inner self began. I have always loved watching women transform in both of my hairdressing chair + health and wellness business - its an absolute joy seeing women feel their absolute best, to radiate from within. It was time to give myself that same joy.

I experienced an extreme personal heart ache in the begins of my other business and it really shook me to the core, to the point that I couldn't move forward without things changing especially my mindset which was so neglected from the years of my late teens right through to 23 yrs old. I made myself a priority + dove into personal development - the same books that I laughed at only a few years before hand. It wasn't easy at the start, but a few pages a day, turned into a few podcasts a week, to taking courses on mindset, meditation and spirituality, then working with different mentors, and daily action compounded to find myself again. To thrive at life, not just survive.

also let me remind you, I did this while raising my first daughter then growing + birthing another three gorgeous girls as well as running my online business. I made a commitment to make these practises a habit and live out the best version of me, no matter what it took. I wasn't willing to settle, I wasn't going to give up, especially on the days when it was the last thing I wanted to do. I still continue to keep learning, growing + evolving every day for the rest of my life.

in other words - if I can do this, you can absolutely do this too. you get to choose to make your priorities.

all of this learning, growing and evolving has lead me to trusting that intuitive nod that inner you was my next baby to be born and share all this wisdom, knowledge + the ultimate tool box to you, its your turn to start reconnecting with your inner you, she deserves to shine + know that you are making your self a priority first.

it is going to be a mix of my greatest passion - inner and outer beauty.

- true inner beauty : stemmed from my full time hairdressing days where (and i still am) became obsessed with skincare, seeing people transform in my chair and being the first in line to try the latest beauty treatment - I was the go to guinea pig and loved every minute of it. over the last 3 months, i have started having treatments again and i will be sharing them with you along the way, pros + cons and the results. I will also be sharing my favorite must haves from Arbonne and how to get the most out of each product. I have tried and tested many brands of skincare and makeup + without a doubt, Arbonne is the best on the market and is at the fore-front of innovation + taking a balanced approach to people, profit and the planet - this is next level

- mindset, manifestation and living authentically you : my journey through my own personal battles with my mindset over the last 7 years has been one for the books. once a thing i laughed at, is now my saving grace + what I turn to daily to have inner strength, gratitude + positive outlook on life. life isnt all rainbows and butterflies so you need a tool kit you can call upon when ever you need to get you through the highs and lows of life. you'll find it here and over on my instagram page @inneryoubyash I have went back and forth about whether to come out of hiding about all my woo-woo ways but the time is now to share the wisdom. if i can help one person with this tool box, i've done my work

I'll also include mum life tips because let's be real, raising four head strong, beautiful girls isn't always a walk in the park and I keep everything as easy and simple as I can.

so are you ready? good, let the fun begin. trust the process, listen to your intuition - its your greatest asset in all areas of life. I got your back girl, this is just the beginning

the best is yet to come

ash xx

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