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gaining perspective in the overwhelm

there are times when life can suck, overwhelm kicks in and emotions take over - its part of the human experience and you can't have lightness without the dark like ying and yang I have learnt and continued to keep practising to honour my feelings as they come up - without judgement + just sitting with them as they pass through my body. trust me after years of stuffing my feelings deep inside my body, its much easier to just honour them as they come up in the moment - the emotions always come out in the end, they just might be more explosive if they haven't been worked through. (those on the end of my angry outbursts years ago will tell you all about this moments when the stuffed emotions finally hit boiling point - not my strongest moments but beautiful lessons once I become more aware.) so next time you feel the feels, in particular the low vibes, take a moment of quiet to yourself, put your feet firmly on the ground, take a few deep belly breathes. Ask yourself:

love + light


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