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retreat @ home

6 part video series guiding you inwards, with the essential Inner You spiritual tool kit to help you relax, retreat and revitalise, right in the comfort of your own home

who is the inner you?

the inner you is your inner wisdom, inner goddess, inner truth and inner power  - she is your inner intuition and authentic self

she shows you the support and guidance from within, for anything in life


 she is vibrant, pure love + light

she is perfect just the way she is right now

she has always been there but sometimes you can forget how powerful your inner power is and is waiting for you to wake her up again

it's time to reawaken, reconnect and embrace your authentic inner you

and you can do that all from the comfort of your very own home

who is the at home

retreat for?


the woman who is confined to the four walls around her either figuratively or energetically

the woman who is aching to reconnect with something greater than her but unsure what that is

the woman who would love to attend a retreat in person but can't due to circumstances. she doesn't want to miss out on the life changing experience regardless

the woman who is overwhelmed, run down and the giver to all, who is in desperate need to give back to herself - to fill up her own cup

the woman who is a student, a boss, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a warrior, a goddess craving the high vibe life

the woman who has a urning in her bones that she is destined for great things + just needs some magic to help her step forward

the woman who just needs some time out for herself


what is it?

retreat @ home with inner you includes the essentials tool kit delivered right to your door to help you get started with connecting to your inner goddess.


along with your toolkit, you also get six LIVE trainings on how to retreat at home, a private facebook group, meditations, printable inner you guide and one on one access to ash creator + facilitator of inner you

plus a BONUS group energy clearing

this is your opportunity to find a quiet space, either joining LIVE on each training or coming back to the recording when the time works best for you. it's always going to be there, so you can use the practises over and over til they become apart of your normal rituals 

the inner you retreat @ home is infused with the highest vibrational energy, so just being within the fold, you will see an energetic shift + feel lighter and brighter within yourself

inner you
tool kit

the gift that keeps on giving + can be used over and over again to benefit your inner goddess

        glasshouse vanilla carmel candle 60g

        selentine crystal rod

         kakao cacao powder

         palo santo

         facial sheet mask

this kit works along the video series, you will be prompted when each tool is used


first LIVE training begins thursday 2nd september

this allows time for tool kit to arrive  

get access to the inner you retreat @ home

introductory offer


complete your registration now

inner you @ home retreat


if you are choosing to take part in the program, i encourage you to do so with purpose + for you.
you do you boo.
you are the most important investment.
do this for those you are going to help + impact .
do this with love + light within your heart.
you are here for a reason, you were guided here for a reason
trust your inner power

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